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Cal Poly's Parent and Family Weekend

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As part of Cal Poly's Parent and Family Weekend, the Architecture Department is organizing a series of events on Friday, October, 12th, 2012. An exhibition/reception will take place on Friday in the Berg Gallery between 5-7pm showcasing freshmens' design work along other year's students' work. The Evelyn and Harold hay Media Research Center (MRC) and the CAED workshop will be open for tours

For additional information about Cal Poly's event, visit Parents and Family Weekend.


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California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Department of Architecture offers the following NAAB-accredited degree program:

B. Arch. (225 undergraduate credits)
Next accreditation visit for all programs: 2011"

Becoming an Architect: what parents need to know!

A professional degree is required by most jurisdictions for licensure, the basic requirement being eight years of combined education and work experience.  Since you can only receive a maximum of five years of education credit, the Bachelor of Architecture degree offered by Cal Poly is the most efficient path to licensure.  Students completing this degree are immediately eligible to take the Architectural Registration Exams (ARE), although must work an additional three year internship before being eligible to take the oral California Supplemental Exam (CSE).  The National Council of Architectural Accrediting Boards (NCARB) has established the Intern Development Program (IDP) to ensure that interns are exposed to the broad sweep of professional experience during this time.  California has established its own Comprehensive Intern Development Program (CIDP), which overlays a requirement for evidence of experience onto the time-based IDP requirement.

There are five important steps to become an architect (per NCARB web site):

  1. Meet Education Requirement
    Earn a professional degree from a program accredited by the NAtional Architectural Board (NAAB). Most accredited architectural programs are Bachelor of ARchitecture (B.Arch) or master of Architecture (M.Arch), requiring five or six years of study.
  2. Meet Experience Requirement
    The Intern Development Program (IDP) guides you in acquiring experience in areas of architectural practice. You must start a National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB) Record to document your experience.
  3. Meet Examination Requirement
    The Architect Registration Examination © (ARE ©) assesses the knowledge and skills necessary to practice architecture independently. Some jurisdictions will allow you to start the ARE while completing the IDP.
  4. Meet Licensure Requirements
    You must be licensed by a U.S. jurisdiction to be an architect. All U.S. jurisdictions required you to meet education, experience, and examination requirements prior to licensure.
  5. Get Certified
    The NCARB Certificate is the final credential you should obtain. Certification recognizes licensed architects who meet the profession's highest standards. Over half of U.S. registration boards require the NCARB Certificate for reciprocal registration.

For additional information, go to Becoming An Architect (NCARB web site)

Department Head's Circle

Parents are part of the Cal Poly family, and over the years it has been a treat to meet many of you on campus and share ideas about the educational goals we strive to impart to your children. And yet, I feel that there is a missing link in this relationship, one that engages parents with parents in order to talk about issues that are pertinent to the daily lives of your kids. I believe that there is a need for a platform to exchange ideas and:

  • To build community
  • Share common interests
  • Build a support system in the interest of the success of your children
  • Share knowledge and experiences providing learning opportunities for families
  • Help new families to assimilate/navigate into the Cal Poly Architecture community
  • Socialize with families with common interest
  • Make connections and have fun!

The Architecture Department is pleased to have launched the Department Head’s Circle that comprises parents of currently enrolled architecture students as well as parents of the incoming fall freshmen, transfers and change of majors students. The Department will post regularly important updates regarding the life of the department, and I invite you to continue to visit the department’s web page:

We invite you to join the Facebook web page: Architectureparents At Cal Poly. We are exited to be able to provide you with what we hope will be a rich and informed platform for the exchange of ideas while building a community around the life of college students.


If you are already subscribed to the Facebook group Architecture At Cal Poly, and would like to unsubsribe as you have now joined the Architecture Parents At Cal Poly, please proceed as follows:

  • While in your Facebook account
  • Click "Account" (upper right corner)
  • Click "Edit Friends"
  • Click "All Connections" (upper left corner)
  • Scroll through Friends list to "Architecture at Cal Poly"
  • Click on "X" button at right side of the listing
  • You will remove the connection.



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