Drawing Equipment & Materials

The following drawing equipment and materials will be needed in first year design and drawing studios. Drawing equipment will last for years, and will be used in many architecture courses. Purchase ones that feel good to you and are of the best quality that you can reasonably afford. Brand names provided in parenthesis are suggestions. Brand names listed in the product line are brands that have proven superior over time, and should given preference over substitutes.

Drawing Board

24"x36" drawing board with parallel bar (Art Alternatives or better)

Drafting Tools

Triangular Scale- Architectural 12" 
Triangle Clear 30/60 6" w/ inking edge
Triangle Clear 45/90 6" w/ inking edge
Erasing Shield 
Circle Template Master Inking 
Metal Pencil Sharpener (Staedtler or similar)
Compass and Bow Set
Alvin 295 parallel glider 10"
Eraser Kneaded Small
White Vinyl Eraser
Drafting Dots or Drafting Tape
Drafting Brush
18”x24” Bristol Board, 15+ sheets pad, vellum finish
24” Drafting vellum, 10 yard roll, 1000H, plain
Tracing Paper, 12” roll, white

Pens, Pencils & Drawing Supplies

Sign Pen Black
Pigma Micron Pens Black: 005, 01, 03, 05, 08
Prisma Marker: Black, Warm Gray 40%
Drafting Pencils: 4H, 2H, H, HB, 3B, 6B (set if possible)
Prisma Pencils: White, Black, Warm Gray 50%, Sepia, Crimson, Goldenrod, Cream, Apple, Cerulean
Waterbrush Pen
Round watercolor brush
12-color Portable Watercolor Set (Windsor & Newton, Cotman, or Prang)
Charcoal Stick, soft

Cutting/Model Making

Metal Straight Edge, 18” with cork backing
Razor Saw & Miter Box (Excel or Xacto)
Xacto #1 knife
Xacto #11 blade (5 pack minimum, 100 pack recommended)
Snap-off Knife (Olfa or Xacto)
Cutting Mat 18x24
Scissors- 8" Stainless Steel
Rubber Cement
White Glue (Aileen’s Quick-Dry Tacky)
Needle Nose Pliers
Screw Drivers, Phillips & Flathead
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
25’ Tape Measure
Cordless Drill (recommended Winter quarter)


Large Art Bin or Tool Bag
Black 24x36 Carry All
Push-Pins, clear, 100
Shop Safety Glasses

The Cal Poly University Store carries all the required materials and sells a kit that includes the above items. Refer to Class Kits under Supplies on the University Store website:

Additional Project-Based Materials

Each quarter you will need to purchase the materials necessary to complete the assignments. These materials will include pens, pencils, paper, wood, glue, digital prints, etc. as specified by the teacher. This is a cost that will be part of each design studio and can typically run about $150 per quarter.